M&O Blisston-Nigeria is a joint venture between M&O Global and our local partner Blisston Nigeria limited, servicing one of the busiest oil & gas regions in the world.

M&O Blisston-Nigeria is proud to offer internationally accredited life-saving safety solutions to the Nigerian oil & gas industry.

Nigeria is the 10th largest oil producer in the world and its prolific oil & gas industry is expected to increase its activity as new deepwater projects start production.

With a strong understanding of the needs of local oil & gas operators and offering OPITO approved offshore safety training courses, M&O Blisston-Nigeria is the premiere safety training provider in Nigeria.

Our OPITO approved training centre, which includes a 3m deep swimming pool with fixed HUET Module, advanced fire fighting training ground with multi-level smokehouse, plus TEMPSC Lifeboat training facility, is conveniently located in Lekki, Lagos.

M&O Blisston Nigeria's training solutions are flexible and mobile. Courses can be customised to suit the needs of our clients and can also be bought on-site to a location convenient to the client.

Expatriate Senior Instructors lead all training courses with Assistant Instructors and Nigerians provide all administrative support.

Our specialist training includes the full range of M&O offshore safety training courses, plus Risktec major Emergency Management Training and industrial skills training courses.

M&O Blisston Nigeria is proud to trade as a wholly Nigerian company, with the majority of staff and supplies sourced in Nigeria.

M&O Blisston Nigeria's service is backed by the M&O Global quality assurance that every M&O client receives the same international standard training anywhere, anytime.